Trifid Tree

Trifid means “three come together as one”.

This painting was inspired by the Space Nebula ‘Trifid’ found in the Sagittarius constellation. This nebula is a combination of three different types of nebulas, all which reside together within one.

The beauty of this nebula reminds me of the trinity of God; and how all of creation reflects who He is.

Nebulas fascinate me. Such beauty in a dark place (space)- all formed from clouds of dust. The story of Creation in Genesis says that man was formed from the dust of the ground. These beautiful nebulas remind me of the beauty each and every human being carries- formed by the same creator of the stars.

While painting I felt the Spirit speak to me of this beauty, along with finding and living from the tree of life.

This is the inspiration behind this latest blend of Acrylic and Oil painting. But my hope is that it speaks to you in its own beautiful way.


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