A Journey to Wales

Last weekend I took a trip to Wales with some friends from church. This trip was planned for another friend who was getting married in South Wales at the Celtic Manor. Sadly my husband couldn’t take off work, so I had to say goodbye to him and Kuttabear for 3 days while I took the little road trip south.

We made the best of the journey, taking the side roads through the country side, enjoying the beautiful views and stopping at two small villages along the way…


In one of the villages was this beautiful church (pictured above). I just love old churches, and being able to go inside. The stillness and peace within there was incredible- and the architecture was breathtaking.

After arriving to the hotel, I quickly freshened up and went out to dinner with some friends from church. They had found this lovely Italian restaurant called Yew Tree,  about 20 minutes from where we were staying.

YEW TREE Italian restaurant pictured on right, across from a beautiful old church

It was so delightful to find they did gluten free options! I ordered salmon (I just love fish) and it was an amazing meal. They even changed the crust on top to a gluten free crust.

the view from our table at Yew Tree

I don’t sleep very well in the summertime here in England. Being and American, and use to cool air conditioned air in the summer nights, my body finds it hard to cope as it’s slowly getting use to sleeping without it. Also, the sun rises at 4:30 in the morning so the light tends to wake me up, even with my dark sleep mask. All that to say- I hadn’t been getting enough sleep lately…

But that night, I got back to the hotel, turned the AC on as cool as it would go, got out my sleep mask and lavender oil,  and settled in for a much needed good nights sleep.

It was heavenly.


I bring my own food a lot when I travel – to save money, but also so I can feed my body well. So I brought Quinoa, seeds, and a banana with me to make breakfast in my hotel room.

How did I make Quinoa without a stove? This little trick was amazing…

Using the in room kettle, I boiled water, and poured 1 parts dry quinoa with 2 parts boiling water into my thermos. Left it for 30 minutes while I had my coffee and got ready…
and 30 minutes later, voila- you have cooked quinoa! I then topped it with the sliced banana, and my blend of pumpkin/sunflower seeds.

I finished getting ready, wearing my new dress that I found (literally last minute) at a charity shop (thrift store).

I ran in, 10 minutes before they closed on the day before this trip, needed a dress for the wedding. There was this little dark red dress (one of my fav colors to wear) hanging right near the entrance, original tags still attached (so never even worn)- and only £4!

I dressed it up with black tights and a waist belt I already had at home. I just love it when I find amazing bargains!

The wedding was so beautiful. The church, the people, the food… it was one of my favorite weddings I’ve experienced by far.
What made this wedding so unique, is the families and friends. The groom was Egyptian, the Bride was Bulgarian, and their friends were from all around the world.

There was so much culture and love there.

delicious, gluten free bread
Starter of Smoked Salmon

I didn’t get to take photos of the rest of the food, because I ate it all as soon at it came out. There was a 3 course meal at 5, and another buffet meal at 9, followed by dancing all through the night! It was quite an incredible day!

Bulgarian wedding tradition of bread, salt, and honey

Despite the weather being a bit gloomy, it was actually a very beautiful day temperature wise- which I know blessed the couple very much!


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