Our Adventure in France

Last Sunday, Shanen, Sophie (my sis in law) and I flew to France to help their dad with renovations on his house there.
This was our first time leaving KuttaBear since he arrived in the UK. But thankfully he had a wonderful, stay in caretaker come look after him!

Just look at those sad eyes he was giving us as we left…

We flew out of Manchester and into Limoges airport, where their dad picked us up and we headed to his house about 40 minutes away.

It was surprisingly sunny when we left England, making me very excited for going to France and enjoying some warmer weather- but unfortunately most of our week there was quite gloomy!

Also, as we were rushing to our gate at the Manchester airport, I realized I FORGOT MY VISA!! (Something I need to get back into England!)
Luckily, my amazing mother in law was able to go to our flat, find it, and overnight it to me while I was in France!

Our first day there we started with renovations, like removing the ceiling in the front room where Shanen and I were staying. This exposed the wood beams underneath to give the roof that beautiful farmhouse look again. Shanen and his dad did the removing, as me and Sophie broke up the roof into small pieces to feed them to the fire in the kitchen. We ‘set the roof on fire’… literally.

While they were removing the roof, Shanen discovered an old key! Me and Sophie when upstairs and found a hole in the floorboard where someone must have hidden the key. I still wonder what door this unlocks… hidden treasure???

After the roof was removed I went in with a broom to sweep away all the dirt and cobwebs that had formed over the years, and Sophie and Shanen finished up with cleaning the floors and moping up all the dust.
That night I made a nice big vegan curry for us all to enjoy after the hard work!

Oh! And check out this little gem that was discovered as we cleared out that room… An original Disney Land Captain EO visor! (For all the Disney Nerds like myself out there, you know how exiting that moment was for me!)

The rest of the days we all took our parts in things like cleaning, sanding/painting shutters, cooking, taking family trips to the shops, and making this old house into a home bit by bit. Another one of my favorite parts of the week was starting each day off with a big family breakfast together.

My Favorite Kind of Breakfast

Another one of my favorite things of the week was being able to take a break relaxing in the hammock, enjoying the fresh air and listening to the birds.

Right down the road from their house was a little field with some very friendly sheep! I so enjoyed running up to the gate and having them all run to meet me. One day we all went down there with some break and carrots to feed them… we brought celery too, but they didn’t prefer it.

One afternoon Shanen and I went for a little walk and found a path through a corn field. This path then lead to a beautiful wheat field, where we decided to lay, talk, and then take a romantic photo- it was just so lovely!

On our last day (Saturday), the sun finally came out!
We woke up early and went to a big French market about 40 minutes away. This market was held on the 29th of each month, and since we were flying home that evening, we were luckily able to go!

Don’t worry mom… I didn’t bring him home. But I wanted to

I love loose leaf tea!

We came home and fixed a massive lunch feast! Then I ran back outside to enjoy a bit of sunbathing before flying back to England.

Yes, BOTH of those bottom plates are mine. lol

It was finally time to head back to the airport. I was so thankful to have both my passport and visa in hand as I realized they would have not even let me board the plane without it! Both our flights were delayed, and we didn’t get home til nearly midnight (1 am France time, so we were super tired! Especially after such a long day at the market).

Hello England

We were so excited to see this little fuzzy bear when we got home! He even left us a handwritten note to tell us about his amazing week with Josh!
(thanks Josh for writing that for him 😉 )


He made sure to get all his toys out for us to see.. lol

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