Beach Therapy

My friend Nicci and I planned a beach day for this week, and it was perfect timing. Sometimes you just need a day at the beach to get a little time out of the busy world.

Growing up in Charleston, I really took for granted the beach access I had there. I miss those beach days that started as early as March, and lasted often to mid- October.
But for me, beach time was year round and I often found myself traveling to one of my favorite spots ever winter in South Carolina, to watch the beautiful sunrise.

I love the mountains, and I love the sea, but I will always be a beach girl at heart.

Nicci picked me and Kutta up in the morning and we headed to my favorite beach here called Formby Beach. It’s very rural and reminds me of my favorite beach in Charleston- Folly Beach.

Formby has these beautiful incredible dunes, that are so much fun to explore. Kutta loved them!

Nicci – Queen of the Dunes


The beach is much different from Folly, but that is the beauty of this world- no two places are the same. The ocean is very shallow (when you finally make your way down to the shoreline), and it feels impossible to go very deep because it’s such a gradual decent. But, this doesn’t really matter, because I’m not convinced that the beaches of England are made for swimming- the weather doesn’t allow it.

However… my spirit could not go to the beach without going in the water. Even if it was freezing.

…and the good news is, although the forecast said rain- the sun came out when we were there!

But the clouds came again and it just got too cold for a bikini top.
We spent the rest of the day walking and exploring, as Nicci picked up driftwood and I played fetch with KuttaBear.

We ended our day with a picnic lunch in the forest before making our way home. I had packed my usual salad, although it was too big to fit in one container, so I had to split it. Nicci shared her yummy chocolate with me as well!


While walking in the forest I said to Nicci- “I would love to see a red squirrel. I have never seen one before…” ; literally 2 minutes after saying this, Nicci heard a child mention seeing one, so we rushed over to where they were looking- and sure enough, there sitting in a little bird feeder was a cute little red squirrel!
By the end of the day I had seen 3!

I love the beach… it always brings me so much joy and ends my day with a lot of peace.

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