Back to Eden


The letters of BE stand for Back to Eden. BE is a one hour yoga style class, incorporating a gentle stretching sequence with guided meditation throughout, to bring awareness to the symbolic garden of life (Eden) that we carry within us in spirit- where we were originally created to live from and dwell as One with our Creator.

I believe Jesus came to earth to show us this same connection and unity is possible with our Father in heaven now, and BE is a way to take time out of our busy day, to bring our focus inward, and to the present moment; to let go of the worries and stresses of the week, and simply be loved by our creator.

I believe we were made to live as one in harmony with God and with ourselves in mind, body, and spirit; and the greatest form of of unity is love. These classes are designed to practice living in that harmony while bringing balance and love to all three parts of who we are; connecting to the Spirit within and living from His Peace, Love, and Light.

BE classes are always open to every human being, and all religions and beliefs are welcome. There is no judgement, comparison or discrimination in these classes…

you will only find love.


BE classes are held every tuesday night off Washway Road near Sale town Center (Manchester, England). Classes are £6 / or 5 classes for £24. One on One sessions also available. Please contact Camille to book at