Two weeks ago, I was slowly waking up around my usual 7am, and was gently coming out of a dream. In the dream I was painting a picture of a girl, eyes closed, head to the sky, arms wide open and behind her as her wild hair flowed about her, turning into mountains behind her.

I usually don’t have an idea of exactly what I want to paint when I begin a new piece- I usually just start painting. But this one I had a general idea- although as I started to paint, as always, the creation took it’s own form.

The first few days of painting, resulted in this (photo above).
I loved the color and movement, and as I painting I could feel the breath of her lungs, connecting to the air around her. The dove represents that spirit of peace that she finds through that connection.

The mountains and night sky behind her, incorporated into her hair, shows her oneness with the earth in which she was created from. (Genesis 1:24 ; Genesis 2:7)

This was just a stopping point for the week, and I knew it was no where near finished.

I came back to it a week or so later and it slowly took a whole new form, even though the meaning was still there.
As I blended the dove into the painting, I did this knowing I didn’t want the dove to be obviously seen (although I knew it was still there, hidden within)- just as the Spirit is in our own lives- there, yet unseen.

I felt a pain in this painting, but a real peace that she holds throughout it. Closing her eyes through a storm, as if not to be distracted by the circumstances around her, but simply finding that peace of the Spirit within- again, knowing He is there in the unseen.

I also felt this pain was the pain of birth- a spiritual birth that she was going through.
God has been speaking this to me a lot recently- the pain of childbirth and how in life, as we step into these new seasons, we experience a difficult time as we go through the process of ‘birthing’ something new.

So here is this woman- her name is Ruah. I knew this would be her name from the beginning. She walks by faith- being blind by choice as she closes her eyes to the storm of impossibilities around her- moving forward from the peace that guides her from within.
Knowing this pain of spiritual birth is actually just the promise of the miracle to come.

Ruah is the Hebrew word for ‘breath’ and ‘spirit’.
It is the word used in Genesis (the story of creation) for the Spirit of God.


This is my own meaning from this painting, and what I felt creating it.
However, I know (after hearing so many amazing interpretations from posting it online), it speaks so much to several different people. This makes my heart so happy.
I hope when you look at this peace, the Spirit speaks it’s own special meaning to you, as you go through whatever season you are facing in life.
May it bless you with peace, knowing that Ruah is within you, and with you.


Revelations Painting

     There’s a dream I had several weeks ago of being pregnant, and the pains of labor that cried from within me, along with being in a time of fear that surrounded me
(all in the dream).

That morning, I woke very early unable to sleep, and thinking of the dream. Somehow I ended up reading revelations that morning- starting in chapter 12.

     Let me first say, I am no Bible expert, and I don’t usually read the Bible daily. God speaks to me through everything- and the Bible has always been a book used in my life where He has spoken to me, lead me, guided me- a book where I learned about His nature, and where I found spirituality in the words of Jesus. I love my Bible, and it is one of the many ways God speaks directly to my spirit.

     I wanted to say this because I am no Bible scholar on the context in which it is written, nor the meaning of the visions of revelation. I am just writing on my own personal revelation, in hopes that what the Spirit has spoken to me, hoping the full meaning behind the painting will also bless you.


     I read about the vision of the woman and the dragon. The woman was pregnant, and having labor pains- as a red dragon (known as the accuser as it is written later) was waiting to devour the baby.

She gave birth and the child was immediately taken to God, and not the dragon. The woman ran away – into the wilderness, which God had prepared for her to be safe and hidden.

The dragon pursued the woman in anger, and she was given two great wings that allowed her to fly to that safe place in the wilderness that God had made for her.

The dragon tried to drown her with a flood of water that flowed from it’s mouth- but the Earth helped the woman by opening up and swallowing this great flood.

The dragon then declared war against the woman.


     I finished reading there, and as I did I felt the spirit speaking to me of this season and time. I believe there is a deep truth to this vision that means so much more in truth and history- but this is what God spoke to my heart through this story on this particular morning.

     I knew there was a spiritual birth of new things taking place in my life, as well as the lives of many others this year.
This dream I had of pregnancy and labor pains was God showing me that these hard circumstances that have been rising up around me- a lot having to do with knowing my identity and holding on to that truth, finding my voice, and even a few health issues- are all happening at a time where I am also stepping out in new things, in big new things, and truly pursuing what I feel called to do.
Just like the accuser in the story, it has been hitting me stronger than normal, but even with that spirit of accusation, sometimes it just uproots things that bring about much deeper inner healing, where God can truly remove old wounds that have not properly healed from the past. I have found this has been happening to me.

    But through this story, I saw even in this great battle and birth, not only was the child protected but the woman was cared for the entire time, as God had already prepared that safe place to care for her in the wilderness.

     A wilderness is a wild, uncultivated, area. I think it’s interesting, that sometimes this feels like life. A mess; and as we follow the Spirit, sometimes where we end up just looks like a mess… and we doubt- is this where I am suppose to be?

    Yet, this is the place God prepared for this woman, to care for her.

I decided to paint this because it spoke to me so much- and this is what came out…


As I painted the woman I saw her in a tree, and I felt she was completely at rest in this wilderness by resting in that tree of life…


    I let the painting sit for a few weeks, as I knew I would paint over it.. I didn’t like the dragon to be honest, as I felt he was stealing a lot of the focus on what was truly going on.

   The next week I was reading revelations 22, on the tree of life. I believe Jesus is the tree of life – this is just my own personal belief- and I looked back at my painting, seeing the woman resting in that tree of life that I painting, even in a season where she was in the ‘wilderness’.

Last week I decided to revisit the painting, and completely redo it. I wanted the same meaning to flow- but I let go, knowing that something different may come out.

I used my hands with my paints, and everything but the woman, the Lion, and the Lamb, was painted using my hands and fingers. As I painted I followed the flow of the Spirit as I literally would turn the canvas at different angles at different times, and even painting with different emotions as I used my hands- finding a lot of peace and unity in the trinity of the right side of the canvas; yet intensity and passion on the while painting the left side, which ended up looking like a stormy river.


     As I painted I started to see the same interpretation I wanted to portray originally, and begin to press into it. The top left corner showing the thunderous clouds of heaven as they clashed down to the river below. The trinity around the tree of life, like three whirlpools- taking that stormy river and calming the water to flow in unity around the tree of life.

    And there, in the middle of the tree of life, is the woman; safe and protected- resting, but also watching all that is going on around her- not understanding the chaos of it all, but being firmly rooted in the peace she has within. Below her is the lamb, the prince of that peace; the Spirit that dwells within her- her comfort, her foundation, her life.


     In the heavens, being over the storm, and watching over her in the purest of love, is the Lion.



   I am so in love with how this painting has come out, and what it means to me.
I hope it’s interpretation has also blessed you in some way- but also if this painting speaks something completely different to you, that makes me very happy! I love how art can mean so many different things to the ones who see it.

     I would love to hear what it speaks to you.

     The painting is sale, and it’s quite big. (you can see the size in the full photo above, where it takes up my whole sofa).

From now, to August 22nd the painting will be available for auction. If you want to make an offer, we are starting the price at £116, and on August 22nd, it will either go to the highest bidder, or will be available on my etsy shop for £116.

   Thank you all for your love and support in my journey- and I hope this painting blesses every viewer in it’s own unique way, on your own journey of life. ❤


Lots of love, and blessings,





This painting has always been a favorite of mine, and many others.

We’ve kept it having in our loung above Shanen’s computer for the past year, but last week I looked at it and said “I think it’s time to sell that painting”…

That weekend, some friends dropped me off at home and wanted to see me and Shanen’s little flat-

When they saw the painting, they said “if you ever decide to sell it, please let us know.”

So this week, it’s being relocated to its new home. Funny enough, it was the same home in which I painted it! (For I was house sitting for them).

So I wanted to honor the painting as I say goodbye; knowing its going somewhere it will be greatly loved.

Along with this post I wanted to include the poem I wrote to describe the meaning behind the painting…


Written on our hearts
Seen in our dreams.
Just as the caterpillar dreams of flying-
Reaching far more places than it’s legs could ever go…
It doesn’t stop living-
and doesn’t stop dreaming.
Knowing one day, as impossible as it looks in it’s current situation-
It will fly.

Holding onto Hope.
Knowing there is more than what is seen.
The winds change-
As the caterpillar enters an unknown season
Bringing darkness and fog-
Wondering if this is the end…

Never loosing faith.
In this season of so much unknown,
Light begins to break through.
And as the caterpillar emerges-
Out of the darkness and into the light,
It finds everything it knew itself to be-
As transformation has brought it’s dream to life.

The old is gone, and new has come
Now the dream of what once was inside
Lay visible for the world to see.
It spreads is wings,
Taking a leap of faith-
Bringing beauty to the sky-

It flies.