The End of the Road – The Door of Freedom

I was reading some past blog posts from several years ago. I was looking for some old poems I had written, not knowing if I ever shared them on a blog or not. I went back to a post from 2010 that caught my eye… It’s title: End of the Road.

I remember the day I wrote that post.. the very morning of taking my entire life- knowing one meeting would decide my fate as I handed everything over to God.

I had just been through some very traumatic events- a lot that had happened to me, and a lot that I had done to myself. If there was ever a time of my life where I felt at ‘rock bottom’… this was that time.

I remember hearing the Spirit of God speaking to my heart and saying over and over again- Trust Me.

Back then, I didn’t know anything about visions from God, or what a prophetic gift was. I didn’t know we could hear from God in those ways. Now, it’s become such a part of me, it’s how I flow through life in every day.

I loved reading this post, because I see where even though I didn’t know about visions or how God speaks to us through pictures in our minds- He was still there speaking to me in this way; I just didn’t recognize it was him.

The date of the post was June 2010:

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 09.23.23Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 09.23.58

I love seeing how much a relationship with God can grow us; heal us, and set us free.
I can read this and see a girl who’s heart loved God- I was ready to surrender my whole future to Him because I knew that I wasn’t the one who knew what was best for myself.

I remember that moment- knowing that it looked as if I would have to take that scary path. And I remember the end of that day- the moment I realized that my new beginning would be down the open path, full of light. I knew God was the only one responsible for making that happen.

It truly was a new beginning for me. A beginning that lead even deeper into the spiritual things of God- a relationship between me and my creator that is deeper than any relationship I have on this earth.

What drew my eyes to this post most was the photo of the gate. I choose that photo out of a picture I took in 2008, on a walk through downtown Charleston. The gate and garden spoke so much to me.
And now, this year as my Back to Eden Yoga truly started to grow, I started it with that same picture on Back to Eden’s Facebook page- the same photo of the gate. Back then I had no idea what life would look like for me 7 years later… but I can say it’s better than I could have ever imagined. I have learned that there really is no impossibility when it comes to doing life with the Spirit of God.

And my whole reason for posting this, isn’t just to reflect on that goodness- but to encourage anyone who feels in this same situation- like they are at a dead end in life- realizing they cannot try to control their path on their own any longer- but to let go and trust in your creator, that He will set your paths straight, even when it looks impossible, or makes no sense to the human mind. (Proverbs 3:5)

A Fresh Start

Being Camille

I’ve been an active blogger for over 10 years now, blogging about my journey in life- my thoughts, paintings, dreams, and adventures. All of these things being rooted around my belief in God; for his spirit is my source in all I do.

The past 10 years has brought me many places. Born in Charleston, South Carolina, I grew up extremely close to my family and friends there. But my God given heart for adventure has lead me on many travels, and I currently live in Manchester, England with the love of my life, my husband Shanen.

Because of these travels, I have formed deep relationships around the world- my deepest long distance relationships being my family and best friends. My heart misses them so, and as life leads me on across the sea from them, I have found myself extremely busy with my job as an artist and yoga teacher- as well as writing my first book. This has left me little time to blog.

I know my blog inspires many, as I am sent emails and messages on how much they bless the reader- and I am very passionate about blogging. But I realized as this season in my life is bringing many changes, it is time for a change in how and why I blog as well.

This blog has a very simple goal… to keep up with family and friends all over the world.

I realized the need for this when I was emailing my grandparents this past weekend, at the same time I was trying to find the space in my diary to fit in a Skype call with a friend from Germany. While there is nothing like quality one-on-one talks and emails, I really want to spend that precious time finding out how the person is doing and connecting with them personally, and not updating them the whole time on what is new in my life.

So this blog is to simply share my journey. I have many friends who keep up with me via Instagram- I love Instagram and it is by far the best way for me to keep up with what is going on in my friends lives and also for them to be able to see into mine. But I have many friends and (especially) family members who do not have or use Instagram as often as I do. Therefore, this blog of ‘being Camille’ has been born.

I still very much love emailing and connecting with ALL my friends; so please don’t think this blog is a substitute for that. I beg you, keep in touch! I miss every single friend and family member in ways I cannot describe.

This blog is very simply- a place to see and read (in photos and short stories) what is going on in my life, and what me and Shanen are doing in our little life in England.  It is not to replace other connections at all- but in fact, I am hoping it enhances the time I do get to connect everyone via phone, messages, comments, and Skype.

Much love from the land of England,
Sarah Camille x

July Night Sky
The sky from our kitchen window last night