Two weeks ago, I was slowly waking up around my usual 7am, and was gently coming out of a dream. In the dream I was painting a picture of a girl, eyes closed, head to the sky, arms wide open and behind her as her wild hair flowed about her, turning into mountains behind her.

I usually don’t have an idea of exactly what I want to paint when I begin a new piece- I usually just start painting. But this one I had a general idea- although as I started to paint, as always, the creation took it’s own form.

The first few days of painting, resulted in this (photo above).
I loved the color and movement, and as I painting I could feel the breath of her lungs, connecting to the air around her. The dove represents that spirit of peace that she finds through that connection.

The mountains and night sky behind her, incorporated into her hair, shows her oneness with the earth in which she was created from. (Genesis 1:24 ; Genesis 2:7)

This was just a stopping point for the week, and I knew it was no where near finished.

I came back to it a week or so later and it slowly took a whole new form, even though the meaning was still there.
As I blended the dove into the painting, I did this knowing I didn’t want the dove to be obviously seen (although I knew it was still there, hidden within)- just as the Spirit is in our own lives- there, yet unseen.

I felt a pain in this painting, but a real peace that she holds throughout it. Closing her eyes through a storm, as if not to be distracted by the circumstances around her, but simply finding that peace of the Spirit within- again, knowing He is there in the unseen.

I also felt this pain was the pain of birth- a spiritual birth that she was going through.
God has been speaking this to me a lot recently- the pain of childbirth and how in life, as we step into these new seasons, we experience a difficult time as we go through the process of ‘birthing’ something new.

So here is this woman- her name is Ruah. I knew this would be her name from the beginning. She walks by faith- being blind by choice as she closes her eyes to the storm of impossibilities around her- moving forward from the peace that guides her from within.
Knowing this pain of spiritual birth is actually just the promise of the miracle to come.

Ruah is the Hebrew word for ‘breath’ and ‘spirit’.
It is the word used in Genesis (the story of creation) for the Spirit of God.


This is my own meaning from this painting, and what I felt creating it.
However, I know (after hearing so many amazing interpretations from posting it online), it speaks so much to several different people. This makes my heart so happy.
I hope when you look at this peace, the Spirit speaks it’s own special meaning to you, as you go through whatever season you are facing in life.
May it bless you with peace, knowing that Ruah is within you, and with you.